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Real Madrid will not buy another player to cover the absence
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Kirjoittaja:  kongpheara [ To Loka 12, 2017 10:29 am ]
Viestin otsikko:  Real Madrid will not buy another player to cover the absence


There is no intention on the part of Real Madrid to dip into the transfer market despite Dani Carvajal's expected long-term absence.The club considers that the position is more than covered with two high-quality exponents on the right side in Achraf Hakimi and Nacho Fernandez.Achraf, a SBOBET footballer in whom Real have great hopes, and the versatile Nacho, a player who can act in all the positions of the defence, are both senior internationals with their respective national teams, Morocco and Spain. In the last few days there was speculation that Los Blancos might look for a new SBOBET recruit, but as MARCA have been able to find out, this possibility has been completely discounted.Of course, for now, it is risky to talk about deadlines. The evolution of his ailment, a viral infection that SBOBET affects the pericardium, invites Real to maintain the maximum precaution. In any case, it is hoped that the strength of the player will help him to overcome what has been a hard blow, given the unusual nature of his absence.

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